“What Does the Foundation Do?”

The Liverpool Foundation for Education is a charitable organization that was created to provide support to staff and students. The Foundation provides funds and support for educational programs and activities which are not typically funded by the normal school’s operating budget. Foundation funds are used to support student enrichment and skill development; recognize and encourage staff excellence; expand community involvement from individuals, businesses, and local organizations; and ensure students are supported through in school scholarships.

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Liverpool Foundation for Education awards grants that enrich students, educators and the community!

“What Is the Foundation?”

The Liverpool Foundation for Education is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established to become a significant partner in the education of students in the Liverpool Central School District by:

  • Creating and supporting relationships between the community, the school district, and alumni.
  • Raising funds to provide learning opportunities for students, staff, and teachers.
  • Awarding grants for innovative STEAM projects.
  • Awarding in-school student scholarships.
  • Encouraging excellence through creative teaching and enrichment opportunities and initiatives.
  • Supporting professional growth of school staff.
  • Facilitating school – community – business partnerships.
  • And any other initiatives and/or opportunities not listed above.