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Grants Awarded

calendar year 2022 – 2023



Learning the Ropes Assembly

K-5 PE classes program

Sports Lit Elements of Sports

LHS Sports Lit class

Hope for Ariana

Guest speaker for UNICEF Club and FACS CTE


STEAM centers for K-2

Full Steam Ahead in the Library

STEAM centers for buildings

Student dual enrollment SUNY fee coverage

Fee individual LHS student

Backdrop for The Lifeguard

For CTE Communication Arts program

SUNY fee for student

For individual LHS student

Community Wide Dialogue 5th Session at LHS

For food/beverages for LHS Community  Wide Dialogue hosting Henninger and Lafayette

SUPA Course fee

For individual LHS student

Canoe (2)

For LHS PE classes

Liverpool Littles FACS


Fall SU Conference

For LHS Communication Arts CTE program

Maker Space

For elementary students

Fine Arts Grant

Symphoria conductor and composer works with students to compose a piece of music for the District/Foundation

Micron Chip Camp

Micron Supported camp for middle school students during break week

Float Your Boat

CTE Movie Screen

LHS Senior Class- covering the cost of students who cannot afford to go on the senior trip

Support for Liverpool’s new tutoring program at LHS

Foundation Supports and Participates in Liverpool VEX Robotics Competition
Foundation 2nd Annual Golf Tournament